Children's Sunday Clubs

Sunday, 20 September 2020

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The St. Luke's Sunday Clubs

Learning should be fun no matter the subject and that includes learning about Jesus and God’s greatest gift to every one of us - no matter whether we’re young or a little bit older. No matter our age or stage in life learning about Jesus is the best lesson we can all learn!

Children at St. Luke’s are especially loved and the environment for them is welcoming, caring & exciting too. Mum & Dad might have gone to “boring old Sunday school” but at St. Luke’s JAM, Quest & Epic covering age ranges from P1 to S4, the most exciting book ever written - The Bible - is shared in exciting and challenging ways! Sunday by Sunday there are new ways to learn just how much God loves each one of us and especially our youngsters.

Teaching material for each age group is carefully chosen and each leader has been registered with the Church of Scotland’s safeguarding register.

Sunday can be fun for all and you might be surprised just how exciting the St. Luke’s Sunday Club can be for young children and adults. Why not pop in to take a look - Jesus is the best friend anyone can have and at St. Luke’s it’s fun to get to know Him.