Easter Is A Very Special Time Of Year For All Of Us Here At St. Luke's, Milngavie.

With all Christians around The World, we celebrate the greatest miracle that has ever taken place - the resurrection of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ from the dead. This means so much to us, because not only has the one thing that people fear most, namely death, been defeated, but the Easter celebration also demonstrates that we can be reconciled to God and have a fresh start in life. If you are seeking that fresh start that only He offers  and if you want to know what it means to be at peace with God, we pray that you are richly blessed by our online Easter services.

If you wish to speak with someone about Jesus Christ, The Saviour Of The World please click on the "E-mail Us" link at the foot of this page, thank you.

Holy Week 2021

This year Holy Week is from

Monday, 29th March until Saturday, 3rd April.

As we cannot meet in our various church buildings due to the COVID-19 global pandemic plans are now well in hand for the Milngavie Churches Holy Week celebrations to take place online.

In the not too distant future we'll be able to provide you with a link to a YouTube channel where you'll be able to follow five sermon presentations and also the Day of Silence reflection. In the meantime you can see below the outline for the week that is such a focal point in the Christian calendar, thank you.

Monday, 29th March

The Exalted Servant - Rev. Douglas Campbell

Isaiah 52, vs13<15

Tuesday, 30th March

The Suffering Servant - Rev. Ramsay Shields

Isaiah 53, vs1<3

Wednesday, 31st March

The Humble Servant - Rev. John Macleod

Isaiah 53, vs4<9

Thursday, 1st April

The Glorious Servant - Rev. Fergus Buchanan

Isaiah 53, vs10<12

Friday, 2nd April

The Forsaken Servant - Rev. John Wilson

Psalm 22

Saturday, 3rd April

The Day of Silence - Rev. Fergus Buchanan